The lock flag in the thesis

Many students and doctoral students cooperate with companies – particularly in the natural sciences and engineering – that provide them for their master’s thesis confidence data. Without this finally can not effectively investigate. As a scientifically ink ballpoint is committed usually going essay custom writing service to protect this data from being accessed by third parties. To do written a so-called blocking notice. In the following article, we will explain what a restriction notice carefully. We also show examples of how such a around for a thesis in the company can look.

The protection of corporate data h2 lock flag in the master’s thesis or other academic work, “the extreme form of protection of confidential information” (Brink 2013: 213), is a simple declaration, the appending of work. Originally, the word lock flag means a “restrictive endorsement, something hindering entry in documents such as identity cards” (see. ).

Its function is to prevent confidential information of a company, an institution or an individual to unauthorized third parties will be Writing Bee passed – as competitors of the company. Get important information in their hands, this can be a disadvantage for the company arise, by which one searches. As scientists, we must therefore use the information provided, but do not publish.

If you want to make your own work yet available to the public or is it necessary – as in the case of dissertations or price – it is possible to anonymize the data used to remove or alienate. However, one must take care that the scientific information content does not suffer. Is that respective companies or the information transmitter not all this be, one can not only anonymous data in their own work or falsified or use (see Brink 2013:. 213f.)


If the intention is to make a blocking note in the thesis, this should be discussed with the early Managers . It requested the lock flag at the examination office and are to at the closing date and reason. Important is always the writing, it is not enough to agree on these orally.

Who is the restriction notice is important?

The restriction notice does not apply to the experts and individual members of the board if they see the data. Only her as supervisor of the thesis may have insight to evaluate the work. If later another auditor to inspect the work, that person must separately sign that they will comply with the restriction notice.

Students of a dual degree program that already work half-time in a company and use its data or working students who also work in such contexts, often have to sign the corresponding clause of confidentiality at the beginning as part of their employment contract, so that a restriction notice may not more is needed.

The lock flag but also counts for the editing the master thesis – whether it is done privately or professionally -. And for applications, lectures or later publications

How long are blocked at the master’s thesis?

The lock flag in the Master’s thesis is valid only for a specific period. He may be a few months, five years or even 10 years or more – that all depends on the company and the theme , which you have chosen


At some universities, there is a minimum and maximum duration for a restriction notice. As long as the lock-up period is running, the students or doctoral students can not do the work to third parties, unless the Company approves it. After vesting, he can publish the work without being asked.

At some universities, there are also special rules. Lock flags are prohibited in some degree courses for Bachelor’s and Master’s work, for example, since 2016 at the Technical University of Berlin. this Entsche was established Notes TU Berlin ).

Where to place the lock flag in the master work?

The lock flag is the first sheet after the Cover , that is just before the Content (or the optional introduction or optional Abstract ) place (cf. Heesen 2014. 44). The note does not get Page Numbering . He does not appear in the Content (see. Refer to the handout of the University of Applied Sciences of the Saarland ).

Example of an embargo

(. 2013: 213f)

Brink is found following example of a confidentiality agreement:

“This examination paper contains confidential data of the company (name, seat). Disclosure, publication or reproduction of the work – in parts or in part, printed or electronic – are (name, seat) without the express permission of the company prohibited. The work is just make the auditors and the audit committee members available. “

Another version called Heesen (2014: 46):

“This scientific work contains confidential data of the XYZ company. Publication or duplication of this work, even in part, is not permitted without the express permission of XYZ company. The transfer or exploitation of documents, information and knowledge is only to the extent permitted, to the extent necessary for the proper conduct of monitoring and evaluation of scientific work at the university in accordance with the respective examination regulations. Further exceptions require the prior written approval of the XYZ company. “

According to presentation of MUAS and the title of the work is again explicitly mentioned, the name of the cooperating company and at the end of the statement added place, date and signature, as you would from plagiarism statements knows about in a plagiarism check to achieve any critical results.

it is always good principle, to discuss the individual situation between student, faculty and company to cooperate with all stakeholders and specifically ask before inserting the lock note. This avoids unpleasant surprises, anger or excessive caution. Attention to these instructions, you can see the benefits it provides when writing the dissertation or master’s thesis in a company, enjoy and the opportunities that result from this use.

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Heesen, Bernd (2014) : Scientific work. Methodological skills for the bachelor, master and doctoral studies in Berlin.