How to Write Persuasive Essay Examples

Writing good persuasive essay examples can make anyone voice out himself, whether the write-up is purely based on his opinions or it has supplementary facts. Thus, anyone must learn how to write these essays well.

Here are some of your guidelines in making persuasive essays:

  • 1. Know the parts of a persuasive essay. For the parts, you have the point, or the reason for writing the essay. You have your purpose, which is to persuade the audience. You have your supportive argument statements which are meant to reinforce your point, and lastly, you have your audience or your target readers.
  • 2. Brainstorm. When there is an issue that you would like do discuss, decide on a point, whether you agree with it or not. It is best to state your point and your purpose in two sentences. After this, natural flow of thoughts will come out of you, and you can express yourself better in writing.
  • 3. Research on your topic very well. Be careful of online blogs or websites that post information regarding your topic because not everything in the internet is true. Try to read from books, periodicals, and other written materials as well, and use internet as a supplementary source only.
  • 4. Write your persuasive essay examples. Start with an opening paragraph that contains your point and your purpose, but make sure that it is enticing to your target audience. Then start building the body of your essay with supporting paragraphs that contain your argument.

Lastly, make a closing paragraph which would sum up everything you have stated in your paper.

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